Top LangChain books to read in 2024

LangChain is an open source framework that allows developers to easily build LLM-based applications. It provides easy connection of LLM with external data sources to increase the capacity of these models and obtain better results. This framework is widely used to build chatbots, improved return generation, and document summarization applications. This article lists the top LangChain books that one should read in 2024 to deepen their understanding of this emerging topic.

A Quick Start Guide to Large Sample Languages

This book guides how to work with, integrate, and apply LLM to solve real-world problems. This book covers the internal workings of LLM and provides code examples for working with models such as GPT-4, BERT, T5, LLaMA, etc.

Introduction to Generative AI

“Introduction to Generative AI” covers the basics of generative AI and how to use it safely and effectively. It also guides us on how to use this technology in our personal and professional activities.

Introducing AI with LangChain

This book is a guide to using the LangChain framework to develop and manage large-scale language production (LLM) practices. It explains the fundamentals of LLMs and AI that generate and covers agile engineering to improve performance.

LangChain Crash Course

This is a short manual covering the basics of LangChain. Teaches how to build LLM-powered applications using LangChain using hands-on exercises.

LangChain in your Pocket

“LangChain in your Pocket” is a guide to creating powerful tools using LLMs. This book covers topics like Auto-SQL, NER, RAG, Autonomous AI agents, and more. It has minimal mathematical explanations and contains step-by-step code explanations with expected output.

Introducing AI on AWS

“Generative AI on AWS” covers the entire life cycle of an AI project at Amazon Bedrock. This book covers different models such as Stable Diffusion, Flamingo, and IDEFICS. In addition, it guides how to use frameworks like LangChain to develop agents and actions.

Machine Learning Engineering with Python

This book is a comprehensive guide to building and scaling machine learning projects that solve real-world problems. It covers various principles of MLOps and discusses CI/CD pipelines, system design, and different cloud platforms. The book also includes a section on AI generating and building LLM-powered pipelines with LangChain.

Creating Applications with GPT-4 and ChatGPT

This book teaches how to create applications in a wide variety of languages, such as text generation, Q&A, and content overview tools. The book also covers topics such as agile engineering, model optimization, and architectures such as LangChain.

LangChain Book

This book is a complete guide to integrating and implementing LLMs using the LangChain framework. This book covers how to create applications such as chatbots, document review and code review.

LangChain for everyone

“LangChain for Everyone” covers the basics of LangChain and how it is used in travel, education, communication, etc. This book covers practical ways of designing that can be used to develop distributed applications. is LLM and helps readers to prepare for AI. -rules the future.

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