How Bosch: Legacy Changed Honey Chandler’s Story


  • Honey Chandler’s role in the book series was very different from her character’s portrayal in the television series.
  • The next season will adapt Michael Connelly’s novels “Desert Star” and “The Black Ice” into new stories.
  • Bosch: Legacy Season 3 will explore the evolving dynamic between Chandler and Bosch, hinting at potential conflicts or collaborations.

Production is still going on for Bosch: Pay Season 3, with excitement building for the next season although the release date has not been revealed, but it will be broadcast on Amazon Freevee. Mimi Rogers will reprise her role as the aggressive lawyer, Honey ‘Money’ Chandler, whose character is determined to fight to become the new District Attorney next season. However, Chandler’s role in the books was not as large as it is often portrayed on television.

Along with the return of Rogers as Chandler, Bosch: Pay Season 3 will see the return of Titus Welliver as the unknown leader, Harry Bosch, along with Madison Lintz as LAPD cop, Maddie Bosch. Although there is no official announcement, Stephen A. Chang and Denise G. Sanchez are also expected to return as Maurice ‘Mo’ Bassi and Reina Vasquez respectively. Bosch: Pay Season 3 will be based on Michael Connelly’s 2022 novel, Desert Star, as well as his 1993 novel, The Black Ice.


Bosch: Legacy- Who is Honey Chandler?

Honey Chandler is a fierce lawyer who joins Harry Bosch to solve cases and clear their wrong names in Bosch: Legacy.

What happened to Chandler in the books?

Honey Chandler was featured in Michael Connelly’s third novel, The Concrete Blonde, where he represents a woman against Harry Bosch in a wrongful death lawsuit against her husband. Bosch believes Chandler for his work, and they bond during a conversation during a smoke break, getting to know each other individually.

However, Chandler’s role was short-lived in the book series as his story came to a tragic end. On the day the jury reached its verdict in the case, Chandler’s body was found in his home.after being strangled to death by the Dollmaker copycat killer.

Honey Chandler’s role in the books is very different from Mimi Rogers’ portrayal of the character in Bosch and Bosch: Legacy, and Michael Connelly revealed more about the differences between the book versions and the TV series in an interview with The Express.

We’re more invested in the lives of Money Chandler and Maddie Bosch than what’s in the books. Money Chandler is no longer in the books, he was actually in one book, so the character is a creation of the writing room. And he borrows notes from Lincoln Lawyer and things like that but it’s his character that lives in the writing room that’s new stuff.

What happened to Chandler in the television series Bosch and Bosch: Legacy?

In Season 1 of the original Bosch series, Honey Chandler is introduced as an opponent to Harry Bosch, facing him in a civil case, after being sued by Rosa Flores, the widow of the man he killed on the job. a few years ago.

Chandler is a violent lawyer, just like in the book, and during the trial, Chandler accuses Bosch of killing Flores as revenge for his mother’s unsolved murder. Bosch and Chandler had a heated exchange in the first season, but as Bosch’s series progressed, their relationship softened. This is largely due to Bosch’s daughter, Maddie, who goes to work for Chandler in his office as an assistant.

Chandler’s tough exterior is challenged as Bosch reaches its climax in Season 7, when he becomes the victim of an assassination attempt, when he is shot several times by order of the villain, Carl Rogers. He survived the attack, and returns as his co-lead in the game, Bosch: Pay.

To Bosch: Pay in season 1, Carl Rogers is released from prison after a trial, which angers the attorney, and he seeks revenge against the man who ordered his execution. Rogers ends up getting shot by the Russian mafia, while Chandler watches.

To Bosch: Pay in season 2, the FBI is investigating Honey Chandler’s involvement in the death of Carl Rogers, but her courtroom skills get her out of trouble, forcing the FBI to retreat. Chandler also spends season 2 defending a man named David Foster, who is wrongly accused of killing Lexi Parks. She enlists Harry Bosch to help investigate the case, as the couple begin their on-again, off-again relationship. Chandler ends season 2 with the announcement that he will be running for District Attorney, which could have many ramifications going forward.

What will happen to Chandler in Bosch: Legacy season 3?

Although she only took one book in the series before she was killed, Honey Chandler appeared in every season of Bosch and Bosch: Legacy, and she is officially back for. Bosch: Pay season 3, with exciting stories planned for the player.

It looks like it could be a hotly contested race to become District Attorney, as Honey Chandler begins her campaign in Season 3., and this raises many questions about his continued working relationship with Harry Bosch going forward. Will they continue to work together? Or will Bosch’s descent into darkness cause them to become adversaries once again?

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Bosch: Pay

Bosch: Legacy picks up where the original Bosch series left off, with the title detective leaving the LAPD and going into business as a private investigator. Titus Welliver reprises his role as Harry Bosch, alongside Mimi Rogers and Madison Lintz. Both shows are based on stories by author Michael Connelly.


Bosch: Legacy – Which Books Will Be Based On Which Books?

Bosch: Legacy Season 3 is currently filming, with an announcement made about which books it will be based on.

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