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In vain were clearly one of the hottest Norwegian bands of the 2010s, boasting 2 major releases throughout Secret and Currents. The latter was my 2018 Album of the Year, which resulted in my unrealistic expectations for the sequel. For those who don’t know it, consider the many different and melodic forms of Borknagar; a fitting comparison in a year that also featured a new release from the same guys. And without a doubt that good record, Carefully clap your hands. It’s reminiscent of 90s Scandinavian metal but it’s progressive, forward looking, and epic. Which is the kind of release I can’t help but evangelize.

It is difficult to summarize neatly In vain. Their music comes from many genres, including black metal, melodic death metal, progressive rock, folk and instrumental music. Carefully heavy, sweet, varied, expansive and emotional. But real magic is not limited to the types of these things; that is how they are bound together. The songs here are very mixed with instrumentals and musical ideas but never overwhelming. Carefully is a testament to advanced songwriting and production. The music is energetic and complex, but the central strength of the repetitive sounds and melodies, and the beautiful instrumentation and mastering, keeps things from getting out of hand. It’s the kind of music that pulls your brain away from other things and demands your attention. You can take any minute segment out of this record and find it full of interesting but sticky things to unravel. Another interesting and unforgettable music; In vain do both.

They also find a way to squeeze every drop of arrogance and pretentiousness out of their music, but in a good way. There are many examples of disgusting guitar harmonies and different types of vocals. You only need to hear the lead songs “Shadows Flap their Black Wings” and “Play Me on the Mountain” to hear this truth. And smart instruments compound this effect. The opening trumpets can only be described as additionwhile the saxophone on “Season of Riots” is one of the record’s standout moments. In vain convey greatness and greatness than any other artist. The different arrangements are hard to fully appreciate on first listen but after repeats, as the hooks sink in, you start to crack the parts. In short, it’s easy to enjoy Carefully when you first listen it becomes more rewarding as time goes on.

Even the song structures are designed to evoke excitement. A few songs go through a few verses and choruses before branching off into an unexpected place. The music initially connects you with familiar structure and melodies before challenging you to break out of this comfort zone with unexpected angles, different instruments and continuous progressions. This quality peaks from “Season of Turmoil” to “Where Souls Meet.” The first of these elevates the middle song and its saxophone to great heights, while “When the Sun Goes Down” features highlights from. Currents by combining burly leads with clean melodies that fit perfectly. However, “Where the Winds Meet” is an award winner, and tops my song o’ the year list. Its pre-chorus and chorus are hauntingly catchy and the shredding guitar lead from 2:30 is pure. Cuervo let me know. If I have a small complaint it is that the back third of the record, if only by going over the first two thirds, is predictable. These songs are still better than a lot of the other stuff but the record has gone full circle at this point.

In vain they’re the most arrogant metal bastards you’ll ever hear but I can’t complain because this album is so good and so good. Despite its extremes, Carefully it works because it’s incredibly balanced. It combines its various ingredients into a complex yet digestible sound that flows easily between heavy and light, brutal and seductive. This can only be achieved with professional, experienced musicians and resident songwriters In vain‘s conditions. Carefully is an amazing release and one that any metal lover should not miss.


Details: 4.5/5.0
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